Tempting Decor

I created this site to be a guide to the tempting decor items you may want to know more about before purchasing. It might be that you already own a piece and you’re unsure of the best way to utilize it in your space or that you’re looking to add a little spice to a bland space.

I am here to help.

Here you will get ideas on how to best organize and design your space, with the best reviewed decor to elicit more space, energy, and style to any area.

Whether you own a home, apartment, condo, RV, etc I am here to guide you.



About Me

I am a young home decorator living in Austin, TX trying to make your space better. I am from Chicago and went to Indiana University and have been living in Texas for a couple years now.

I work with many of the products I am recommending on this site and hope that you will find them as helpful as my clients in Texas do. I have helped fill empty homes, revitalize unused space in crowded spaces, and even brought elegance to a moving vehicle to help make it feel like a home as it traveled miles across the US.

I hope to make your life easier by reviewing and suggesting the best decor for you space. If you do take my recommendations and apply them to your space I love seeing the final result. Feel free to send over pictures or notes on how it went.

I am always looking for new things to try and experiment with, so please also feel free to send ideas or questions my way! Contact information is on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Let us recreate the space you want.