Best Japanese Dining Tables

Below we show various options for beautiful Chabudai and Kotatsu tables.

When it comes to looking for a Japanese table, it can be quite difficult to find an authentic Chabudai. These tables were the original tables of feudal Japan. It is the a traditional setting in a Japanese home. These tables are not only used to have dinner but for studying, working, and gathering for afternoon tea.

In the winter it is usually replaced with a Kotatsu. A Kotatsu is a low table covered by a heavy blanket or futon with a heater underneath to heat beneath the covering and a table top ontop of the blanket. Best for cold weather and long nights studying.

Unfortunately, these tables are not easy to come by on the internet. Below, we will discuss some of the best options that we have found out there.


Bamboo Table

This Chabudai table combines a modern touch with its sleek countertop finish with the sturdiness of its natural bamboo legs creating an air of elegance in your space.

This table is designed with your family in mind. It has added rounded corners to keep your children and legs safe and strong angled legs to keep from shifting.  With an added shelf made of linen underneath to add extra storage and room for items to be easily accessible at all times.



Meiduo Table

Similar to the one above it is made of natural bamboo material and has a non-standard square shape. 

This table flows in many different rooms with its multi layered wood accents and shelf panel below. This table is higher on the price range, but comes assembled and has two chairs included. Both chairs have canvas covered cushioning to make your time at this table the most enjoyable it can be.



Yamako Table 

The Yamako Japanese Table has the perfect Japanese authenticity. With a beautiful round, wooden top and short, flared legs it fits nicely into any space. With its natural wood adding a calming tone, while still being an exquisite addition to the space.

It can comfortably seat two, but has space to squeeze in four people. Its flared legs gives it great support that delivers stability as well as strength. Like most Chabudais, the legs are collapsable for easy transport and storage. It only weighs 7 pounds adding to the ease of transport and comes about 10 inches off the ground.


Single Action Table






This table is the most portable and compact table we have found yet. This Japanese low table is perfect for meals and tea with family.

As its name implies it is able to fold up in one single action of closing. This makes it very useful for small places like studio apartments, where you can fold it up after you’re done using it and keep it hidden away in a closet or even under your furniture!

It comes with a nylon caring case to allow you to bring it to any occasion including camping trips or picnics. With this one being the most versatile in its ability to fit in small spaces and move with you we highly recommend this table for people on the go.


Zen Bamboo Table

This table is created by the same company as our first Chabudai and has many similar benefits. As you can see it is not a traditional circle or square, but has additional surface space for activities.

Two of our favorite things about this table is its sleek bamboo texture and easy assembly. All you have to do to assemble this is screw in 4 legs into the bottom. It is highly durable while still being a low height dining table.

Others have asked if I purchased this from Ikea, but it is even better than ikea tables. It has room to have a work space in addition to a meal area at the same time. We recommend this for larger families or multitaskers who need more area space.



Rectangle Kotatsu

This Kotatsu is a classic plastic table with a 120 voltage heater underneath. Although this may look small it can fit 3-5 people and is actually a rectangular shape. It’s plastic look may deter you, but it shouldn’t because it is incredibly sturdy and has a very nice tabletop. Plus, it will usually have a blanket covering it to keep in the heat. 

The cord for the heater is about 8.5 ft long with the heat dial easy to reach on the side. This particular table does not include a blanket, but works well with queen size and above comforters. It is easy and quick to assemble with included bolts and hex wrench.

Overall this Kotatsu is perfect for any room and is a wonderful wintertime addition. Come in out of the cold to your heated Kotatsu to feel right at home.


Kotatsu Futon

This is by far one of the best Kotatsu’s we’ve had the opportunity to warm up under. With one of the most soft and comfortable blankets included, it makes for a great deal. Unfortunately the heater is not included, but easily bought as a package deal with the heater coming in around $65.

It is a neutral grey color to match almost any space and has a wide range to accommodate multiple people without losing heat. We go with this as our best recommendation for Kotatsu given the table and blanket easy set up. 



If you’re going to buy a Chabudai or Kotatsu there are accessories you may need along side your table. Below I have provided some of the best floor seats we have had the experience of reviewing with the most comfort.

Knitted Cotton Seat

This chair is our favorite, because you can pair it with any material table. It is so comfortable for any floor activity, studying and sitting down for a meal with family included.


Zen Bamboo Seat

This seat pairs perfectly with both of our Zen tables- the first “Bamboo Table” and the last “Zen Bamboo Table.” Made of the same bamboo material it can pair very easily with many materials as our first chair has.

The cushion is made of canvas and has a foam filling. A beautiful addition to any of the table options we have provided.


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